The company

AIRE AIRE develops LURRAK based on its experience in the production of the CIRCUS KLEZMER tour. The Bilbao and Vitoria-GASTEIZ city councils are also involved in the coproduction of this project.

They created the production company LURRAK ANTZERKIA SL and the outcome of this is the origin of LURRAK, the show. In february 2015, the circus artists were selected during a casting in Bilbao, and the musicians in Vitoria.

In november 2015, the first creation residency began. Since then, the crew has been growing and changing according to the differtent commitments of the artists or the needs of the production.

Nowadays, the artistic team is formed by:

It is difficult to find an artistic activity which Adrian is not interested in.

Catalan by adoption, with a diversity of nationalities and formed all over Europe, he spends his life collecting experiences. He worked in publishing and television; he has been artistic consultant in festivals, designed scenography, performed and sang in opera and baroque music companies…

But if there is a field where he particularly stands out it is in street theatre and circus. He has worked in several circus, like the Belgian ‘Ronaldo’. After a while, he started creating some solo performances (such as Green man, The Bed, Dans), circus and street shows (Circus Klezmer, Kamchatka…) that seek to turn the audience into a fun protagonist. Caos, surprises and a provocative innocence are some of the weapons with which he has succeed in theatres and festivals all over the world, from Ireland to Camerun.

Adrián Schvarzstein

Beatriz Insa

Dedicated professionally to the world of Theatre and Graduated in Mask Dramatic Art at Valencia Teatre Escola, she has expanded her knowledge at the Odin Teatret (Denmark), Centro di Ricerca Teatrale di Milano, Anu Salonem (Song of the goat- Poland), Escalante Theatre and with Patrick Rabier, Julie Goell, Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise (Roy Hart technique), Karmele Aranburu, Roberto Romei, among others.

She has performed twenty professional shows: The head of the Dragon, (Mask Theatre), Ship of Foolsthe tales of Canterbury (G. Chaucer), The Single Woman (Dario Fo), Medea Material (H.Müller), Past Lives (Ángel Mirou), Mambo Blues (Bea Insa) … to name a few. She has traveled with her performances arround Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Greece and Malta. With Hipólito (or the look of Hipólito) – directed by Antonio Morcillo Lopez – she receives the Award for Best Interpretation in CENIT 2012 (Atalaya, Sevilla). Currently she lives in Bilbao, where she has worked with Ramón Barea and Pako Revueltas among others. She collaborates with Maite Aguirre in Aula de Teatro of San Sebastian University

Pedagogue and special education teacher, he started training as clown in 2009, in Donostia, with Emmanuelle Thomè.

He trained in the clown school “La Estupenda” in Granada, directed by Alexandre Coelho. He continued his clown and theatre training with Fanny Giraud, Christophe Thelier, Alessia Desogus, Antón Valen, José Piris, Phillipe Gaulier, Maite Guevara and Guillermo Angelelli.

In 2012 he creates the company Pompom Antzerkia. Nowadays he is clown teacher in Zirkozaurre and works in the companies Pompom Antzerkia, Eidabe, and Teatro a la boina (Award of the Public in IV Jornadas de Teatro Breve de P6).

Gaizka Chamizo

Ortzi Acosta

He has performed more than 1500 times with the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas and Japan with Quidam and Love shows.

He has been the Spanish Ring Champion in 1992, 1995, 1996 and 1998.

Nowadays he is performing his show “Ilusion” together with the musician David Madinabeitia. Two character who live a magical experience that will help them in their present and future lives.

He started his professional career in the theatre with the company Firewalk Theatre in Aragón. Afterwards, he went to London to be trained in The Central School of Speech and Drama and The Circus Space where he studied “Theatre Practice & Circus” in 2002.

David continued his education in the schools “Rogelio Rivel” in Barcelona and “Charivari” in Madrid. In 2004 he created the aerial duo “Rebeca & David “with his partner Rebeca Pardo, with whom he has worked ever since. He has been part of corporate events, commercials, classic circuses in Spain and Italy and several seasons in a Theme Park.

During the last few years he has worked in different producers («M.B.P», «Camus» and «Imagine Shows») specialized in cruise shows.

David Parga

Jade Morin

Born in Chicoutimi, Canada, Jade Morin spent part of her youth playing the bassoon in young Orchestras.

Then she made her circus training at the National Circus School in Montreal.

Since then, she travels the world, always in search of new circus adventures: from street theatre to CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, from a theatre-sailing boat in the Mediterranean to a circus caravan in the African desert. Lately she is part of CACOPHONIC PICTURES ORKESTAR, CIRCO EL GRITO in Italy and the FUN FAIR, directed by Joan Gracia.

She has a degree in Physical Education and Sports and a Master Degree in High Performance Sports. She started her professional career in sports aerobic and she has been Spanish Champions for 4 years in a row (1996-1999) and the World runner-up in the couples category (2001).

In 2000 she starts her circus education, studying Static Trapeze and Corde Lisse in the Association of Circus Rogelio Rivel (Barcelona). Since then she hasn’t stopped working as aerial specialist in several places (Ateneu Popular 9 Barris, Burlesque Festival “Oh La La Cherie”, “Circ de Sara”, “Terra Mítica”…) and cruise seasons.

In 2013 Mónica joined the show “The Hole”. She has played in hundreds of stages all over Spain with a slings duo “Supernenas” together with Aranzazu Fernandez until 201

Mónica Riba

Nuria Puig y Marc Muñoz

Acrobatic Duo specialized in balance and hand-to-hand stunts. They also have musical skills (clarinet, saxophone, concertina and saw) and knowledge of clown. They received their formation in the Circus school Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona and they specialized in balance and hand-to-hand with Remy Balague in Auch (France).

In 2011 they created the company BALUSCA. They have performed as a duo with this company in several festivals and cruise seasons.


Anai Gambra

Mikel Hernández

He is dedicated exclusively to the txalaparta since 2011, giving courses, tutorials, concerts and exhibitions.

He was part of “TXALA-2”, winners of the musical contest Directe de Lleida.

They also recorded a collaboration with the Catalan group Dekrepits and another with Juantxo Skalari for his first album «The Kluba”.

In 2004 he took part of the tour that the cultural group Jottakun made in Ireland.

He has given many courses and workshops of Txalaparta.

He started playing txalaparta as an amateur in 2000 and as a professional in 2011, giving concerts , courses and musical exhibitions.

Between 2002 and 2012 he participated with the cultural group Jottakun, not only in Spain, but also in Venezuela, Georgia, Lebanon, Mexico, Ireland… And in 2008 he participated in the tour “Música y Solidaridad” (Music and Solidarity) in Palestine.

From 2011 he has been in more than 90 concerts with HUTSUN. He was also included in several projects such as Magnificat, Coral de Villava, Jazz Jaso-Escrich Trio, Coral de Camara, Danzas Mikelats, etc.

Josu Aurrekoetxea

Iñaki Etxarri

He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician (Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Charango, Mandolin, Ukelele, Harmonica, Whistle, Irish flute, Txirula, Alboka…).

He has worked in several projects, trying different music styles. Since 2010 he is a member of the GIBELURDINEK music group, that plays throughout the Basque Country, Scotland, London… They also perform street shows, give didactic concerts in schools and hold exhibitions of traditional instruments.

He has performed as alboka player in the street show GURE MUSIKARI HANDIAK, produced by Txalapart and premiered at the Lekeitio International Street Festival in 2014.

He was born with a trikitixa under his arm.

Other instruments: transverse flute, bag pipe, piano, alboka, tambourine/percussion. He also tries to entangle with everything he finds: harmonica, guitar, saxo…

He avoided the stages, his music has been mostly street folklore.

He is trikitixa and tambourine teacher since 2009.

He studied translation and interpretation. Nowadays he combines his job as translator and interpreter with music.

Gotzon Batikon

He started his musical studies at the age of 6. When he was 13, he decided to learn how to play the autochthonous instrument called trikitixa. It has been his travel companion since he grabed it for the first time.

He is the co-founder of AUSKALO-NON (2008-2012), CLOVERWIND (2012) and active member of TRIKIZIO and THE MIDDLE FINGERS projects, where he is the main singer and ‘trikitilari’.

He teaches Trikitixa and tambourine since 2013 in the Aula de Cultura in Sopelana, Lauro Ikastola School (Ioiu) and Jado School (Erandio).

Unai Laso

Between 1999 and 2010 he receives his education in music theory, trikitixa and musical informatics, in the Music School Hala Dzipo (Barakaldo). He also begins to develop his work of difussion of the traditional Basque music.

He is trikitixa teacher in the Music School Hala Dzipo (Barakaldo) since 2010, where he also teaches interpretation and musical creation techniques.

Roberto Castro

He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician and graduated luthier by the music school Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga in Bilbao.

He plays the Alboka, the “bizkaina” and Galician bagpipes, several types of flutes (txirula, quena, whistle “iris flute”, travers, metal, kaval, nay…), the mouth-organ, the didgeridoo, ukulele, guitar and mandolin, melódica, muxukitarra, mouth harp, tambourine, canabera, tarrañuelas and cucharas “spoons”. He also has basic knowledge in violin and accordion.

Iker Donoso

He has a Superior sound technician with extensive experience in audio, both live and postproduced. Iker is a lighting designer for medium and large format shows (Cantálogos, Nahiara Rojo, Circo Pitanga, La pensión coja…).

He has been technical manager in mass shows (Carlos Jean, Celtas Cortos, El Drogas, Los Secretos, Loquillo, M-Clan, Melendi, Mocedades, Morat, Reincidentes…) and technical director in complex productions (audio, lighting, broadcast, video, rigging, regency, scenography – Gasteizko Udal Folklore Academy, Banda Municipal De Vitoria…).

Technical director of the KaldeArte Street Arts Festival during the last 8 editions.